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Behaviour problems are complex and can arise at any time in a horse's life.  The cause is often multi-factorial, and manifest in a variety of ways.

Unwanted behaviours such as bucking, rearing, separation anxiety, handling, or aggression are daily struggles.  In such situations, your horse is struggling too. They are not acting out, being bad, or getting back at the handler. Dealing with the horse's behavioural problems can be frustrating and overwhelming.


You dont have to do it alone.

 A behaviour consultant is trained to work with and resolve undesirable behaviours. These behaviours are usually rooted in fear or anxiety, your consultant will find the root of that problem and change the emotional response to improve your horses experience and help you to enjoy your horse. 

Some common issues a behaviour consultant addresses are:

- Needle phobias

- Head shyness

- Issues with the trimmer/farrier

- Trailer loading

- Aggression towards people or other horses

- Hard to catch

- Separation anxiety

- Pulls back when tied

- Afraid of noises or objects

How do I know I need an equine behaviourist?

"If your horse is behaving in an aggressive, anxious, or worrying way, and the veterinarian has ruled out a medical cause, then you should look for a qualified animal behavior consultant. Fear and aggression are the two most common reasons for seeing a behavior consultant." ~ IAABC Website​

Browse our site to learn more about us or contact us to schedule a consultation. 

The Trainer

Holly is passionate about equine welfare and safe handling/riding. Her aim is to help people create a positive relationship with their horse using science proven methods. She will help you understand why your horse is displaying unwanted behaviours and provide treatment  recommendations which are reward-based and incorporates LIMA.

Heartz behaviour and training is based in Fredericton, NB and provides in-person or virtual consultations.  Pictured is Holly with 2 of her 3 horses, Gigi and Rooster.


Photo by Jamie Dear

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